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Recognizing the need to continually raise up mighty people in the Lord, Ron Sawka has started an Online Apostolic School. We focus on teaching the apostolic and prophetic with an emphasis on practical training. Classes will be taught in English and translated into Chinese. All English and Chinese-speakers are welcome!

2021, March-May
Time for God’s Ekkesia to Arise


Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send forth harvesters! God is pouring out His Holy Spirit on all mankind so they can be touched by God. The purpose of our Apostolic School is for you to enter into the harvest God has for you. 


Topics will include: 
1. Hearing the Voice of God
2. Release of Healing 
3.Marketplace Ministers
4.Apostolic Anointing and Harvest
5.What are Prophetic and Apostolic Miracles?
6.Even Miracles Can be Activated

Class Time: Every Tuesday evening 8:30-10:00 (JST), four classes a month
Course Fee: US$55 or ¥6000JPY per person per month

Registration: Please register HERE.


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